Many animals desire to help and heal their humans. They work in the energetic realm, and are very sensitive to people's energy fields. Horses such as Mr. Ed send white light healing energy from their Heart Centers. Receiving such energies can be very powerful and healing.
Mr. Ed sez "Some private sessions are still available."


Like horses? Intrigued by energy work? Please join Mr. Ed, Pat and Irene and experience a deep and lovely healing.

Mr. Ed has been doing healing work all his life. He is gifted in sending loving heart energy in the form of a transmission or download. It is a remarkable healing energy and given abundantly.

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Mr. Ed and Pat have now retired from the venue at Elk and Beaver Lake Park for 2019. While the setting was serene and peaceful, the new format of distance healing better serves us. We thank all participants for their attendance there, and hope receiving sessions was as enjoyable and profound as we have experienced. Blessings to the Elk & Beaver Lake Equestrian Center Society.

NEW FOR 2019

  • Healing Hands, hearts, and hooves

  • We are providing distance healing sessions to persons interested.


ed running

Running Freely, like my energies!