Many animals desire to help and heal their humans. They work in the energetic realm, and are very sensitive to people's energy fields. Horses such as Mr. Ed send white light healing energy from their Heart Centers. Receiving such energies can be very powerful and healing.
Mr. Ed sez "Kindly be respectful and leave your dog at home."


We are initially offering a once monthly opportunity to receive horse-human healing.

We are intent on providing a quiet, respectful, opportunity for Mr. Ed to do one of the things he likes best - offer healing energy through light. For this reason those persons who are interested in receiving sessions should phone, or message us using the Contact form.

What to bring:

  • > Layered clothing in case its hot/cold
  • > Windbreaker, hat, gloves if cool
  • > Folding chair for after your session
  • > No open toed shoes: hiking boots suggested
  • > Water bottle
  • > Blanket for comfort
  • > Your printed and signed waiver
  • > Your smile!


  • 23Sept.

    8 max to receive energy work, $40.00 per person, paid in advance. Each session will be predicated on horse time, usually around 10-12 minutes (please read Blog). Please contact Pat or Cristal for details. MAP Location: Elk Beaver Lake Equestrian Center Round Pen.
  • tbaOct.

    Spaces for 8 persons to receive energy. Please reserve in advance.

Other small details

Participants-Please print this Adult waiver and bring with you signed.

Guardians or parents, please print and sign for your minor (under age 18) child waiver.

Heart Horse Healing Information sheet - Participants

Inclement Weather Cancels

Directions to Round Pen